May, 2009 Archive

Bonbon anyone?

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at The London I just recently had a wonderful dining experience there. But the best and most memorable part for me was the Bonbon trolley! I enjoyed each and everyone one of the delightful treats they offered. Yum Yum! Nothing like a great patisserie being brought to you! I am going to […]

Inspiring Design

This is a really thick Lucite table with edges in a bright fluorescent. I eyed this in Paris. I think I will design and make one for my living room. At my events, I have been having a lot of fun incorporating fluorescents.

Carneros Inn Design

I was recently in Napa Valley and this hotel reminded me of how great design can be achieved with inexpensive material. Each hotel room has a large outdoor component. Some of the outer walls were made with corrugated aluminum. In this photo, this cut-out served as a window to the vineyards. It was the inspiration […]

Davell Crawford

I recently did an event with New Orleans Musician Davell Crawford. I am not necessarily a big fan of New Orleans-style jazz and was worried how his music would work with a tough New York crowd. However, from the moment he stepped on stage, he captivated the audience and whipped them into a frenzy. He […]

Favorite New Glasses

My favorite glasses these days are from CB2, the Tambien Smoked Double Old Fashion. I used to have to spend a lot of money for glasses that were very simply designed and paper thin. But CB2 is doing an incredible job of producing them and they are doing so at a shockingly low price.