August, 2009 Archive

Landscape Lighting at Outdoor Events

Lighting is the most under-recognized design tool that exists.  When I am designing an outdoor event, I get excited about unique opportunities to create something dramatic.  I may light a single tree, the woods or even a body of water.   At this wedding in South Carolina, I lit the woods and hit light against hay […]


Most of our client’s paper products are designed in-house.  When it comes to Save-the-Dates,  I see it as an opportunity to be a bit more whimsical.  While meeting with this client, they shared their story about falling in love in the Hamptons.  Their funny and poignant anecdotes inspired the Save-the-Date below.  As their wedding was […]

The Beauty of Maine

We just returned from a truly memorable wedding in the lakes region of Maine.  The fresh produce, beautiful lakes, and peacefulness made it such an incredible location.   Embracing the elements of the environment, we built two 24′ bars from the bark of birch trees.

Fired Up About Grilled Pizza

I am all “fired up” about grilled pizza as an outdoor station during cocktail hour.   Guests arrive with the grill pre-heated,  pizza dough ready to throw on, and toppings beautifully displayed.  Guests can choose which toppings they want on their pizza.  My favorite toppings are: – Any Local Vegetables in Season – Heirloom Tomatoes, Zucchini, […]

My Latest Wedding

I wanted to share a photo from a recent tented wedding. After an incredible outdoor cermony and cocktail reception, guests were invited into the tent for dinner and dancing. The tables were anchored by pear branch arrangements while the dance floor was covered by hundreds of paper lanterns. More photos to come.

Florenscent Light as Design

Lately, I have started incorporating florescent light and neon colors into my designs. I find it really punches up the decor in a low-light environment. It gives a cool and edgy feel, especially for dancing or a late-night lounge. There are countless methods for incorporating this effect.

The Knot TV

Yesterday I had the pleasure of filming with Carley Roney on The Knot TV. We discussed some of the interesting new concepts we are using for our events.  I also shared photos from one of my most detailed weddings, one that took place at the New York Public Library. The segment is available this link […]

Tapas Bar

We like to switch up service styles to spice up events. At a recent cocktail reception, we created a large rectangular bar and placed the chefs on the inside. While guests drank at the bar, they order tapas (small plates to share) from the bartender, who in turn would have the chef prepare the plates. […]