February, 2011 Archive

One-Stop Style

Once in a blue moon, I’ll stumble upon an environment that provides a wellspring of inspiration. This happened most recently during a trip to Paris (France, not Texas), which, itself, is one of the most exquisite destinations on earth. Hidden in an alleyway, with no discernible signage, sat the concept store L’Eclaireur —one of its […]

Church Chat

BEFORE AFTER There are startlingly few Catholic churches in Manhattan that don’t have a 4:30 or 5PM mass on Saturday… meaning that, if you want to go directly from the church to your reception, you’d have to get married at 3:30 and either start the festivities soon after or have your guest sit around until […]

Act Local, Think Globos

After many years in the event business, I still try to use every event as an opportunity to discover new ideas and improve at my craft. Recently, Fete orchestrated a wedding at the beautiful Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (check back soon for a detailed recap.) One of the evening’s most dramatic […]

The Soaring, Roaring ’20s

I love it when party guests say, “You had me at, ‘Hello.’” To set the scene for a holiday bash in Chicago this year—Fete’s seventh annual event for the same wonderful client—we had a trio of flirty cigarette girls greet revelers upon entry. Decked out in (very) affordable costumes, the ladies called everyone “Dollface” and […]