June, 2011 Archive

Design Soul

Incredible events have soul and should share something about the host. My job is to understand each of my clients and then use this knowledge as the basis for the creativity. The fun (and challenge) is finding purposeful ways to weave this into the design, music, drinks, service, food, etc…… For a recent 60th birthday […]

Pass the Passito

While we love all the weddings we do (like our children, none more precious than any other), we’re putting together the coolest four-day wedding party on Italy’s Amalfi Coast later this summer. I don’t want to spoil any of the many surprises in store, but I will say that all of the senses will be […]

Flame Thrown

I’m constantly on the lookout for subtle, beautiful flourishes that make a table setting pop. These super high-gloss, lacquered candles from Danish company Ester & Erik (ester-erik.dk)—available in tapered, cylindrical, and cone shapes—have become one of my new favorite elements. They’re beautiful enough to leave unburned on your table all the time, yet their lacquer […]