April, 2012 Archive

Papabubble Candy

What’s better than an addition to your party that looks great and tastes even better?! We loved collaborating with Papabubble (http://www.papabubbleny.com/) on some custom candy that both kids and adults enjoyed.  Check out their fun and colorful candy rings and customizable pieces – they can even make candy at your event.  In the first photo, […]

Guest Restrooms

I hope all of you that entertained this weekend had a successful, fun time!  When having guests, there are certain items I always stock up on.  I’m a firm believer that guest restrooms (whether they be in your home or at a venue) should have nice products.  Pump soap and hand lotion, good quality linen-like […]

Fun with Save-the-Dates!

Save-the-dates are a time to have fun!  They do not have to match your invitation or carry the same formality.  They can be more whimsical and creative in terms of style and paper selection.  Here are a few of the fun, customized save-the-dates we’ve designed for our clients. Below is a travel trunk save-the-date we […]

Outdoor Summer Parties

It’s hard not to get excited about summer parties with the beautiful weather we’ve been having!  We had two great parties last year that incorporated food into the table décor – a fantastic clambake with lots of great seafood to share, presented in a large plexi box in the center of the dining table  – and […]

Beautiful Bouquets

I’ve always been a fan of simple bridal bouquets.  Your bouquet is meant to accent you and your dress, not outshine you. One of my most beloved bouquets is classic Lily of the Valley.  It is simple, yet elegant and traditional.  Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton (pictured below) among others, carried Lily of the Valley on their wedding […]