Fête—a full-service event planning and design production firm based in New York City—creates extraordinary events for discriminating private and corporate clients throughout the US and across the globe. Under the direction of co-founder Jung Lee, Fête has become one of the world’s most celebrated and sought-after event companies. Fête events are highly customized and reflect the personality and essence of each client, whether an individual, product or company. Jung recognizes that incredible events need to go beyond just great design. She cultivates experiences that integrate incredible design with the finest in cocktails, dining experiences, music, entertainment and surprises. Through each element, Jung masterfully curates each detail, striking the right balance in all of these to create a tailor-made event with incredible energy from start to finish. Each custom experience is rich in meaningful detail and full of personality; guests never want to leave. Fête is one of the only companies that conceptualizes, designs, plans and oversees all key elements of an event in-house. This allows for unmatched quality control and ensures that the vision stays cohesive. Far more than just stunning visuals, a Fête event is painstakingly orchestrated from start to finish by Jung and the Fête team. The flow is seamless yet natural; energy elevates as the experience progresses. It is this ultra-high level of workmanship and detail that puts a Fête event in a category all its own.

At the end of the day, ordinary celebrations become truly extraordinary.

Jung Lee

Jung Lee is one of the most sought-after event designers in the world, having created spectacular celebrations for a discriminating roster of clients, corporate and private, since 2002. Always raising the bar, she’s marveled at by party guests and highly respected among her event world peers for her creativity and incredible work ethic.

Jung cultivates intuitive relationships with clients and translates their lifestyles into dynamic, personal experiences.

Born in South Korea and raised in New York City, Jung comes from a humble background, citing her family’s strong work ethic as an elemental part of her personality. A New York University graduate, she spent years building and managing gourmet food shops, becoming involved in the design, architecture and construction process. She further honed her entrepreneurial and design skills as a residential real estate developer. Aware that the modern sensibilities driving architecture, interior design and hotels had not taken hold in the event world, Jung knew she could put a fresh, modern spin on the process. In the years since, her business acumen and passion have brought Fête to the forefront of the event industry. A devoted wife and mother of two, Jung loves the arts, style, traveling and—especially—great design. Just as top fashion designers will never repeat themselves from season to season, Jung works tirelessly to ensure no two Fête events are alike.


While creative minds deservedly get most of the attention within the event industry, event companies need to excel in the realms of professional management, specifically project management, logistics and operations. Fête co-founder Josh Brooks has spent the last decade bringing his business savvy and strategic thinking to the company, striking a pragmatic balance with Jung’s creative genius and ensuring that each event is produced and executed at an unparalleled level.

any stellar event company needs to excel in the realms of professional management.

With a background in finance and general management—a BS from Georgetown University, an MBA from the Wharton School and MA from the Lauder Institute—Massachusetts native Josh boasts experience as an investment banker in Europe, Latin America and New York, in addition to building technology startups before co-founding Fete.