Guest Restrooms

I hope all of you that entertained this weekend had a successful, fun time!  When having guests, there are certain items I always stock up on.  I’m a firm believer that guest restrooms (whether they be in your home or at a venue) should have nice products.  Pump soap and hand lotion, good quality linen-like […]

Outdoor Summer Parties

It’s hard not to get excited about summer parties with the beautiful weather we’ve been having!  We had two great parties last year that incorporated food into the table décor – a fantastic clambake with lots of great seafood to share, presented in a large plexi box in the center of the dining table  – and […]

Help Yourself!

It’s definitely a treat when you can have someone serving food and drinks at your party, but that can’t always be the case.  Here are two ideas for providing drinks for your guests that will allow them to help themselves. Set up a bar for your favorite drink (Caipirinha, Margarita, Sangria) – with the drink […]

Mix it Up

When was the last time you really loved—I mean loved—the cocktails coming your way at a wedding? Guests at a recent Fete wedding can honestly say they imbibed in high style. A treat for all drinking connoisseurs in attendance, we brought in a professional mixologist from one of the city’s most acclaimed cocktail spots. These […]

Design Soul

Incredible events have soul and should share something about the host. My job is to understand each of my clients and then use this knowledge as the basis for the creativity. The fun (and challenge) is finding purposeful ways to weave this into the design, music, drinks, service, food, etc…… For a recent 60th birthday […]

Paper Lanterns

People love paper lanterns.  They make a space feel festive, intimate and fun.   However, how you use them properly is the tricky part.   Here is my advice for using them for your own event. 1) Paper Lanterns create an “outdoor” feel. They don’t make sense in a refined ballroom/ space. I tend to use them […]

Surfer Party, Brazilian-Style

We had a lot of fun creating this fantastic beach party.    We played off the host’s Brazilian heritage and love of surfing.   Bartenders made fresh caipirinhas and caipiroskas (made with vodka instead of cachaca) all night.   Samba, capoeira dancers and this fire-dancer pictured below were incredible.  At one point, I thought her arms were going […]

Russian Service

Food service alone is one area that often feels so expected. A standard plated first course and entree can make your event feel like any other. At Fete, we use service to set a distinct tone. For the first course at this wedding (see menu listing below), waiters walked around with 3 different types of […]