Paper Lanterns

People love paper lanterns.  They make a space feel festive, intimate and fun.   However, how you use them properly is the tricky part.   Here is my advice for using them for your own event.

1) Paper Lanterns create an “outdoor” feel. They don’t make sense in a refined ballroom/ space. I tend to use them outdoors, in a tent or a venue that conveys an outdoor vibe (think loft for example).

2) Use lanterns that are color “natural” with the “irregular ribbed” pattern. For a relatively inexpensive item, these look luxurious when lit.  The white and regular ribbed tend to look cheap.

3) Bigger is better. When hanging lanterns in an event space, smaller ones get lost and look tiny. I use 24″ diameter and up.

4) How you hang them is key. Cluster the lanterns so they are touching slightly and hang at varying heights. The bottom of the lanterns should be at least 8 feet off the ground.

5) For evening event, they need to be lit properly, either externally or internally.  Talk to a lighting person about how to do this.

5) I love to hang them over the dance floor or target a designated area for them to hang – see 2 examples below.

There are many places online that sell paper lanters but one of my favorite sources is


Paper Lannters Over the Dancefloor

Paper Lanterns Over the Dancefloor

Paper Lanterns in Smaller Room to Create a Beach Feel

Paper Lanterns in Smaller Room to Create a Beach Feel