We Must Confess

A holy hit at a beautiful wedding.

Tell All

Recently, Fête had the pleasure of designing a wedding for a lovely couple who happens to be Catholic. In the spirit of fun, and as a manner of inspiring memorable video messages for our cheeky newlyweds, we created a bona fide confession booth where guests could “confess their sins.”

A simple enough structure—printed vinyl fabric draped over metal frames, amplified by some dramatic lighting—revelers popped in to wish the happy couple well… and perhaps tell a few sinful stories. Needless to say, guests were lined up throughout the evening, and the tales became saucier as the night went on.

When all was said and done, our expert videographer interspersed these confessions with footage from the dance floor. Now, the couple can look back on hilarious and heartfelt messages, told in a way that means something to them.

The fewer sacred cows to show up at your wedding ceremony, the better, no?